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  Sunday, July 21, 2024  
Jack In The Box Voice Mail

Here is the e-mail that was being sent around. I changed the e-mail by removing the 4MB attachment and posting the wav file on my web site. I guess this allowed the email to spread around the world faster.  Here is the text of the email and a link to the file, plus a link to a mp3 file plus additional informatiom on the story from Snopes.com.

“On a recent Spurs trip, we were asking one of our sponsors who works at
Jack in the Box some funny stories or experiences with the company.
The funniest story he had was when an operations manager was late for a
meeting and called his boss to tell him he was running late. As he was
leaving the voice mail message, he witnessed an accident and went on to
provide "play by play" of the incident.

After telling us the story, he promised to send us a copy of the voice
mail and here it is. This is the actual voice mail message. It was passed along and forwarded so many times within Jack in the Box, it crashed their voice mail server. “


For more information on the story please vist http://www.snopes.com/autos/mishaps/beating.asp where there is a mp3 of the file.

There is also a mp3 of the file on http://cbcbcbcb.blogspot.com/2005/03/laughed-so-hard-i-cried-2.html

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